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Marina Abramovic “Dream House” Dream House Art Project

Dream House

An old refurbished house: accommodation composed of a red, blue, green and purple rooms

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An old refurbished house: accommodation composed of a red, blue, green and purple rooms

What’s important to me is that this house functions in the lives of the people of the local community, as this will bring new experiences to contribute to their daily lives. In my "Dream Project" the guests are asked to write down their dreams in the "Dream Book." It is important that this "Dream Book" relate to the traditions and heritages which are gradually disappearing from our lives in the midst of the bustle of the modern technological age. Marina Abramovic
Image of the red room: dream house
We're now open the reservations of accommodation in 2018. (Jan.2018) It will be started reservation of summer,from day 23 february.

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‘Dream Book’ was published as part of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2012.

It consists of photos of the art project and of 100 dreams selected among 1862 dreams that were written down over 10 years from 2000, as well as of documents including the artist’s texts, interviews to related people.

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Away from the daily life, look into yourself and feel the rhythm of your own time.

This is an experiential artwork by Marina Abramović, where you spend one night in a house she has prepared. It was born from an entreaty of hers regarding our bustling modern existence: “I want you to dream. You must dream in order to face yourself.” Come spend the kind of night that may only be experienced in the Dream House.

Enjoy a satoyama life in the regenerated old Japanese-style house Sleep in the special suit designed by the artist You participate in the Dream House project by writing down your dream in the Dream Book.