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Marina Abramovic “Dream House” Dream House Art Project

Dream House

An old refurbished house: accommodation composed of a red, blue, green and purple rooms

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Things to be aware of when using the Dream House

We're now open the reservations of accommodation in 2018. (Jan.2018) It will be started reservation of summer,from day 23 february.
Please be sure to read the following before making a reservation.
The Dream House has a special use condition because of its system being different from other accommodations.
Please check and understand it before staying.
  1. Please check and agree to the guidance of facilities and transportation on our website before making a reservation.
  2. Please keep check-in and out time. Please make a reservation on the day you can come in time.
  3. Please wash dishes, prepare linens, and restore them to their original state by yourself.
  4. Please manage the valuables by yourself because a staff doesn’t stay after guests check in.
  5. The Dream House is an art work. Please use it carefully, including the wall and floor. In case a guest damages something by the carelessness, we might claim for payment.
  6. No smoking here. Smoking is allowed only in outdoor space.
With agreement on the above use condition, please proceed to the online booking.

Dream House: FAQ

●Access, Check-in & Check-out, Meals, Bath

 How can we get there in time for check-in by public transport?
A Please visit http://www.tsumari-artfield.com/dreamhouse/en/access/ for details.
Take Tokei Bus Matsunoyama Onsen, Matsudai, Tokamachi route from Matsudai station departing at 15:15 and get off at the terminal, Matsunoyama Onen station at 15:42.
* We recommend you to take onsen at one of the Matsunoyama Onsen when you get off the bus and then walk up the hill to Dream House in time for checking-in at 17:00.
* Please be aware that bus service is not too frequent. Click here to visit timetable of the bus (in Japanese).
* You can take a bus leaving at Matsunoyama Onsen station at 11:00, arriving Matsudai station at 11:27 when you check out at 9:00 in the following morning.

 We will likely to be late for the check-in time (17:00-17:30). Can we still stay?
A Dream House has been managed by local people according to the concept of the artwork defined by the artist (http://www.tsumari-artfield.com/dreamhouse/en/). We therefore ask every customer to ensure to check-in between 17:00 and 17:30. Please kindly plan your visit so that you will be in time for the check-in.
Check-in 17:00~17:30
Check-out 9:00

 Is there any parking space_
A http://www.tsumari-artfield.com/dreamhouse/en/access/
There is a designated parking space for up to eight cars within two minutes walk from Dream House. Please be aware of uneven surface with pebbles when parking. Please note that you are not allowed to park a car within the site of Dream House.

 How far and approximately how much from the closest train station to Dream House by taxi?
It will take approximately 25 min and cost approximately JPY4000 from Matsudai station on Hokuetsu Kyuko Line.
Tob Taxi: +81(0)25-597-2254

Where can we have dinner? Is there any restaurants nearby?
There follows a list of restaurants in Matsunoyama Onsen (in Japanese). Some may close early and the other may not be able to take walk-in during peak period. We recommend you to contact them prior to your visit.


Q If we want to cook ourselves are there any cookware and condiment?
A There is a refrigerator, microwave, simple electromagnetic cooker, rice cooker, toaster, electric pot, flying pan and sauce pan, and plates & bowls. You are not allowed to use gas cartridge stove nor hotplate. We have salt and shoyu (soy sauce) in the refrigerator but please bring anything you would need by yourself.

Is there shampoo and soap in “Purifying room” (=bath room)?
A http://www.tsumari-artfield.com/dreamhouse/en/facility/
“Purifying room” in Dream House is equipped with two bathtubs, one for cleaning your body by taking shower and the other for taking a herbal bus. As these are artworks we don’t supply shampoo and soap. We would recommend you to visit and take Matsunoyama Onsen, one of the best three medicinal Onsens in Japan before you visit Dream House.

Can we go out in the evening?
A Our staff members will leave the house after check-in. We will leave the key to the house to you and you may go out by rocking the door.

 Can we check-out early?
A. Please notify staff member at check-in if you wish to check out earlier than set time.

●Conditions of stay

We are two people but it seems only one room is available. Can two of us stay in the same room?
A In principle we accept booking for one person age above seven per room at Dream House. Children before school age can stay in the same room with their parent or caretaker. In case children age above seven wish to stay in the same room with their parent or caretaker we regard it as booking for two persons (thus you will have to pay for the two persons). Although there is only one bed per room, you may use futon (mattress) for accompanying person in such case.

 How can we arrange to book an entire space for private use if we are less than four people?
A You can book the entire space for yourself or group of less than four people by paying the equivalent price of four people to stay in as follows:
Cost of booking for the entire house: JPY25200 per night
Booking for entire use should be made by telephone.
Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Information Centre
TEL: +81(0)25-761-7767

I would like to stay in the red room. Can I specify which of the room I stay?
A We are afraid that you can’t specify the colour of the room you will be staying at. Unless otherwise you book the entire space, you may have to stay with other guests. Please decide amongst guests about who stays in which room and when to use bathroom. We will introduce guests at the time of check-in and explain how to stay in Dream House.

 Will you inform us who we will be staying in advance?
A Dream House accepts booking up to four people per night to share unique experience of “dreaming a dream”. We introduce you to the other guests if you are sharing the space at the time of check-in. If you have any reservation, we would recommend you to arrange booking the entire space to yourself (group).

 In case we find it difficult to sleep on the bed supplied is there futon (mattress) that we can sleep on the floor?
A Please feel free to use the set of futon, quilt and sheet that are kept in the closet in each room.

 How do we sleep in the boxy bed?
A The special suit for dreaming that you will put on will function as a sleeping bag. Put the suite (puffed with feathers in winter) on top of the white all-in-one and rest your head on the stone-pillow. You will then write down the dream you will have had on the “Dream Book”

Is there any other pajama than the suite?
A You may ware yukata instead that was chosen by the artist.

Do you supply tooth brush?
A Please bring your own toiletry except for bath towel, hand towel and tea bags.


Q How can I cancel my booking? What is the cancellation policy including cancellation charge?

Please check our cancellation policy from below:

Q Tell us about the weather and temperature. When does it start snowing in the area?
A Please visit the following website for the most up-to-date weather forecast.
As Dream House is located in the mountainous area, it can get colder in the morning and afternoon than it is said in the forecast. We would recommend you to bring extra layer(s), especially in the spring and autumn in order to respond to changeable weather.

Q In case I didn’t have dream or couldn’t sleep what shall I write down on the Dream Book?

A Please leave what you think about your experience of staying at Dream House.

Q Is there any artworks from Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in the neighbourhood?

A You can visit Kyororo and Matsudai Nohbutai to see artworks throughout the year. (Please ensure to check closing dates prior to your visit). You can visit other artworks by area but please double check if artworks you are interested in are open to the public.
Matsunoyama area
Matsudai area

Q Please give us information on what to see around Dream House.
A Please visit the following website for details (in Japanese only)