“Dream House” by Marina Abramović
643 Yumoto, Matsunoyama, Tokamachi-city, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

By car

From Matsudai district. Drive along R253 in Joetsu direction, turn left at Ikejiri intersection to Matsunoyama Onsen area on R353. Drive past the entrance to the onsen district and take right at the entrance to Matsusato Primary School, from a five minutes drive to Uwayu village.

By Bus, Taxi

Take Tokei Bus going to “Matsunoyama Onsen” from Matsudai station for 25 min, get off at the terminal stop, Matsunoyama Onsen and walk up the hill for 20 min.
*Please note that the bus operates on limited times throughout the day. The following is the suggested bus to take in time for check-in time.

Tokei bus: Matsunoyama Onsen, Matsudai and Tokamachi line

(to Dream House) Depart Matsudai station at 15:22→ Get off at Matsunoyama Onsen at 15:48
(from Dream House) Depart Matsunoyama Onsen at 10:00→ Arrive at Matsudai station at 10:26

*We recommend you to use a day-visit onsen at Matsunoyama Onsen district at the final bus stop before checking in at Dream House at around 17:00.

*Should you wish to arrange an early check-out, please notify a caretaker when checking-in.
(Bus leaves at Matsunoyama Onsen stop at 08:00, arriving Matsudai station at 08:26)

Taxi inquiries: Tobu taxi +81 (0)25-597-2254