“Dream House” is an artwork in which you can stay overnight, born from Marina Abramović’s wish for “visitors to dream a dream in order to face oneself” while leading a busy contemporary life. Guests put on pyjamas designed by the artist and sleep in beds uniquely designed for the project. The following morning they can write down their dreams in a “Dream Book” – their experience of staying overnight and their dreams contribute to this evolving artwork. Enjoy a unique evening that can only be experienced at Dream House.

An minka that had stood for over a century in a mountainous part of the “snow country” region was transformed into an artwork for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2000 by Marina Abramović, the former Yugoslavian artist.

At Dream House, guests prepare themselves to dream a dream in specially designed sleeping suits and sleep in individual beds.

These dreams are written in the notebook, to be eventually published as a “Dream Book”. The locals have been welcoming visitors and guests under this guiding concept set out by the artist.

Dream House was severely damaged by an earthquake on 12 March 2011 and closed for a period for repairs. However, it re-opened in time for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in 2012 through a large-scale restoration, coinciding with the publication of the first collection of dreams as.“Dream Book”.