Open to public,
Overnight stays

Message from the artist, Marina Abramović

What’s important to me is that this house functions in the lives of the people of the local community, as this will bring new experiences to contribute to their daily lives.

In my “Dream Project” the guests art asked to write down their dreams in the “Dream Book”. It is important that this “Dream Book” relate to the traditions and heritages which are gradually disappearing from our lives in the midst of the bustle of the modern technological age.


Open To The Public

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Overnight Stays

Guests purify their bodies in a copper bath with a crystal pillow, put on a special sleeping suit designed for dreaming a dream, and sleep overnight on a bed with obsidian pillow, while feeling the natural energy emitted from the mineral. The experience is crowned by writing your dream in the “Dream Book” in the following morning.

Available dates for staying overnight:
6/1 (Sat.) ~ 7/12 (Fri.) the day before Saturday, Sunday, and holidays
Reception starts on 2/15.

7/13 (Sat) ~ 10/31 (Thu) Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Reception starts on 3/15.

Accommodation charge: JPY33,000(for room charge)

Check-in: 17:00-18:00   Check-out: 09:00

Pre-booking required. Please make booking at least three days before the date of your stay.

Rooms: Four rooms for dreaming dreams (red, blue, green and purple); library; irori (hearth) room; wash room; bath room; toilet.

Maximum Capacity: four people

Amenities: Bath towel; futon (Japanese-style bedding); sheets; sleeping suits prepared by the artist;(Note: Please bring an extra layer of clothes as it can get quite cold even in summer!)

Facilities: Refrigerator; IH stovetop; rice cooker; microwave; toaster; electric kettle;


About “Dream Book”

“Dream Book” consists of the records of 100 selected dreams out of 1862 dreams collected from guests over more than a decade. The book also includes remarks and notes by Abramović and collaborators; a comprehensive photographic record of the project; and a contributing article “Theory of Marina Abramovic” by Kenichiro Mogi, as well as series of short essays by well-known contributors from diverse fields.

The book is available from ETAT-related facilities as well as online, such as

Publisher:Gendaikikakushitsu (published in June 2012) JPY 2,000 plus tax (A5 size, 242 pages: ISBN978-4-7738-1214-5 C0078)


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