Katakuri House

Katakuri no Yado is an accommodation facility that was renovated from the closed Ketto Elementary School. All of our staff members are fascinated by the rich nature and history of Akiyama-go and look forward to your visit. We welcome you with comfortable rooms and delicious food.


About the area

Katakuri no Yado
About the area
About the area
About the area

Katakuri no Yado is located at the entrance of the Akiyamago, a collective term for twelve villages dispersed amongst the mountains at the border of Niigata and Nagano, which has been selected as one of “Japan’s 100 best secluded sites”. A trekking route traces terraced rice fields uniquely built with piles of stones and the clear waters of the Nakatsugawa valley overlooked by the Mikura bridge, and visitors may even encounter
the Japanese serow, a protected species of mountain goat. Visitors can enjoy nature’s seasonal beauty, such as masses of katakuri flowers (Japanese dog’s tooth violets), starry skies at night, and the highland autumn colors.

About the area
About the area
About the area
About the area



People have lived in Akiyama-go since the Jomon period, and developed a diet of foraging wildflowers and mushrooms in the mountains and growing rice and vegetables in the valleys. Enjoy local seasonal flavors including local sake.




Ketto Elementary School, established in 1884, ended its 108-year history in 1992 due to the decrease in the number of students. The closure of the school was not at all an easy decision as it was built through the tremendous efforts of local residents, who fought for educational opportunities for their children after officially being designated as an area exempted from compulsory education.
In response to resident’s strong desire for reusing the school building, it was transformed into “Katakuri no Yado” in 1993 and began its new history as a place to experience nature and the distinctive life-style and culture of the area. Local people are eager to welcome visitors to the Katakuri no Yado.



Seven Japanese-style rooms (Capacity: 30 guests)

Former classrooms were refurbished into confortable Japanese-style guestrooms.


Indoor bath with hot springs (one each for men and women)

The previous room for the school principal turned into the indoor bath with hot springs. Enjoy onsen experience to warm up your body.

Ketto hot springs

Spring quality: sodiumca・lcium - chloride・sulfate springs
Water temperature: 39.5 °C
Effects: healing cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, neuralgia, muscular pain, stiff shoulders etc.



In the gymnasium, the work “Tsumari Sugoroku” by “Echigo-Tsumari Art Field” is on display, and guests are free to use it.
*"Echigo-Tsumari Art Field" is an art festival held in the Echigo-Tsumari area.
The artwork was created by artists Rintaro Hara and Yu.
The installation, which takes up the entire gymnasium, is a sugoroku that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Please come and visit us!
[Artist unit: Rintaro Hara + Yu Hara]

Accommodation free of charge

  Day trip
General 300 JPY
Elementary and junior high school students 150 JPY


By car

Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC, Kanetsu Expressway→Route 353→Route 117 Route 405. Approx. 80 min. Toyota-Iiyama IC, Joetsu Expressway→Route 117→Route 405. Approx. 80 min.

By train and bus, reservation taxi

☆Echigoyuzawa Station of JR Joetsu Bullet Train→(50min.by bus)→Tsunan Town Hall→(25min.by bus)→Midama→(10min.by reservation taxi)→Katakuri no Yado (Kami-ketto) ☆Tsunan Station of JR Iiyama Line→(15min.by cab)→Tsunan Town Hall→(25min.by bus)→Midama→(10min.by reservation taxi)→Katakuri no Yado(Kami-ketto) 【caution】there is so few local bus and reservation taxi to Katakuri no Yado, so please check timetable of bus and reservation taxi. tokyo ⇔ Katakuri no Yado (akiyamago) tsunan ⇔ Katakuri no Yado (akiyamago) tsunan ⇔ tokamachi/nagaoka echigo-yuzawa ⇔ tsunan


●Mail: katakuri@tsumari-artfield.com
●Katakuri no Yado Tel. +81-25-761-5205
●450-1 Ketto, Nakauonuma-gun, Tsunanmachi, Niigata 949-8316, Japan
●Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Information Center Tel. +81-25-595-6688
●HP www.tsumari-artfield.com/katakuri/

Room Rate

  Including two meals Room only
Adults 11,900yen~ 6,600yen~
Elementary school students 7,140yen~ 3,960yen~
Children(ages 5 and over) 4,760yen~ 2,640yen~
Children(No meal) - 1,800yen

●All prices shown include consumption tax.

●The following charges are added separately.

・Bath tax :100yen for 1 adult ※Depending on the number of night(s)
・Heating fee :500yen for 1 room
※Winter season from November through April
※Depending on the number of night(s)

●Credit cards(only Visa or Master card) are accepted.